Molly's Dress is Almost Finished and 8" Penny in Progress


Here is Molly's new Dress almost finished and ready. I need to finish Molly before I finish off the bottom hem to make sure the length is right. I always put a dress on the doll and measure out the bottom hem in this way before I sew it...saves me a lot of time!

As I work on Molly, I also started making an outfit for my 8" Penny! She needs a wig but so far, I haven't found the one that screams "Pick me Pick me", so I am trying to make her a wig, which isn't going as planned. I also need to find a nice stand for her. I got the pattern for this cute little outfit out of the pattern book by Londie Phillips Titled "Storybook Costumes For Dolls". This is an absolutely wonderful pattern book to add to your collection. Here is the only picture I have been able to find of the original costume. This photo is from the IDEX 2009 Doll Show.

This cute little costume is designed after Little Bo Peep. I am almost done with the bonnet and will start on the corset sometime this week. I am having a lot of fun with this outfit. Hopefully I will be able to either make the wig, or find one that I know will look good on Penny.


Pan said...

How pretty! The little Bo Peep outfit is just so cute.


harika olmu┼člar

Mary said...

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