Using alternative fabrics


My poor White Sewing Machine went out on me a while back and after a lot of consideration, I decided to go with a Brother Machine this time. Not only does it sew, but it also Embroiders! I purchased this machine because it also had a lot more sewing stitch functions. I am now able to set the machine on a slow setting which allows me more control over the fabric as I sew. After finishing up my Little Darling and making her a new hat, I then started working on a little dolly for her to hold. I took the 10" outfit pattern and reduced it so that I could make a matching outfit for dolly....the outfit sewed up like a dream! I was so happy with my results that I am now more excited about the Costuming part of Dollmaking.

Living in Wheeling, WV and being a Dollmaker has had many disadvantages. My biggest problem occurs when I go to make the dolls outfits. We have only 1 fabric store in the area and they just don't seem to carry all those beautiful fabrics that many professional dollmakers use when Costuming. More often than not, I have to use alternative fabrics and most of the time, I just don't get the same effect when the Costume is complete. I wanted to post this because this is the first time I ever used alternative fabrics and was pleased with the completed outfit.

Here is my interpretation of Dianna Effner's Vanessa outfit! I used the Little Darling 1 mold set and the outfit pattern by Nedra Newson. The pattern calls for silk taffeta for the blouse and silk dupioni for the skirt. When I started looking through all the fabrics I have, I discovered I had neither kind of silk so I looked for alternative fabrics that would look good. The pattern called for Ultra Suede for the vest, which I had in this lovely pink and I found some rose China Silk that looked really good with it so my blouse is made from China Silk. I decided to go with a very soft quilters cotton for her skirt and I used the Ultra Suede to make a pair of matching boots and belt.

Happy costuming!!!


Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

just awesome and i know the feeling living in central Iowa

Joanna Thomas said...

The outfit is precious! I think you did a beautiful job and I love how it turned out. I have the same problem finding ANY supplies in the very small town I live in. I rely completely on mail order and the internet to get my supplies. If you can't find the fabrics you want in your town you might try mail ordering them.

Denise said...

This doll is so adorable. And I love the outfit! I also have problem finding fabrics in my area. At least the type of fabric I would love to use. It takes some creative ways to figure out alternatives. You did great job on her! I love that theme on her!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your little lady. I live in Oklahoma city and at one time we had loads of fabric shops. they are drying up and the ones that are left do not carry what they use to. I do alot of my shopping on the internet, EBay is a great place to get great deals on beautiful fabric.

daphnelwilliams said...

Thank you for all your kind words. I have been ordering most of my fabrics from:
Michelle Mahler, the owner, is great to work with. Her fabrics are so beautiful and soft and all of the prints are sized nicely for dolls!