Using alternative fabrics


My poor White Sewing Machine went out on me a while back and after a lot of consideration, I decided to go with a Brother Machine this time. Not only does it sew, but it also Embroiders! I purchased this machine because it also had a lot more sewing stitch functions. I am now able to set the machine on a slow setting which allows me more control over the fabric as I sew. After finishing up my Little Darling and making her a new hat, I then started working on a little dolly for her to hold. I took the 10" outfit pattern and reduced it so that I could make a matching outfit for dolly....the outfit sewed up like a dream! I was so happy with my results that I am now more excited about the Costuming part of Dollmaking.

Living in Wheeling, WV and being a Dollmaker has had many disadvantages. My biggest problem occurs when I go to make the dolls outfits. We have only 1 fabric store in the area and they just don't seem to carry all those beautiful fabrics that many professional dollmakers use when Costuming. More often than not, I have to use alternative fabrics and most of the time, I just don't get the same effect when the Costume is complete. I wanted to post this because this is the first time I ever used alternative fabrics and was pleased with the completed outfit.

Here is my interpretation of Dianna Effner's Vanessa outfit! I used the Little Darling 1 mold set and the outfit pattern by Nedra Newson. The pattern calls for silk taffeta for the blouse and silk dupioni for the skirt. When I started looking through all the fabrics I have, I discovered I had neither kind of silk so I looked for alternative fabrics that would look good. The pattern called for Ultra Suede for the vest, which I had in this lovely pink and I found some rose China Silk that looked really good with it so my blouse is made from China Silk. I decided to go with a very soft quilters cotton for her skirt and I used the Ultra Suede to make a pair of matching boots and belt.

Happy costuming!!!